مسلسل نقوش متنوعة ـ الحلقة 030 كاملة ـ الجزء الأول HD: https://t.co/N3xhlsjEni عبر @YouTube
about 2 years ago | @AnzourMedia
  • 1888 is a hellish time in Victorian London. And no darker pit eats at Londoners than the district of Whitechapel, where surgically-mutilated dead prostitutes begin to appear.

    Ahmed Ezzat - MBC Masr
  • Man has created an incurable virus. Yet through some unknown reason Dr. Robert Neville is naturally immune to the highly contagious virus that transformed all of New York, and perhaps the world.

    Mahmoud Ramadan - Al Nahar TV
  • Small town singer Ali’s dreams of making it big draw her to the LA Burlesque Lounge and its magical atmosphere. Starting as a cocktail waitress Ali befriends Burlesque’s proprietor Tess and soon Ali is headlining and creating quite the storm with her performance at the club.

    Ahmed Refa'y - Al Mehwar TV
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‏Anzour’s Company was founded in 2006 in Aleppo, Syria. It began its operations by its technical producer and the owner Mr. Safwat Anzour, who produced a number of programs. He is the supervisor and the executive producer of many television programs in many satellite channels.

‏The company began its work in the field of dubbing for many Turkish soap operas and also cartoons, then the company became the owner of many Turkish series and a partner in others, and it has many of the exclusive rights for distribution throughout the Arab world for this business. The company now has many branches in many Arab countries, most notably Syria, Egypt and Algeria.

Our Vision

Together we do it better!

Our priority is to build brand and transform them. Our intentions are to quickly add meaning to consumer lives and entertain them, while they live in fast pace and are exposed to world trends.

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Safwat Anzour

CEO & Chairman

Chairman & CEO

Ahmed Ezz El Din

Excutive Manager

Executive Manager

Ismail Anzour

General Manager

Production Manager

Mostafa Keblwi

Office Manager

Belal Kaysar

Algeria Branch Manager

Mohamed Ibrahim

Creative Manager

Graphic Designer & Webmaster

Variable Inscriptions

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Our Skills

Anzour’s Company was founded in 2006 in Aleppo, Syria.

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  • Telefax: +20239120067
    Mobile: +201010571756
  • info@anzourmedia.com
  • 2/28 B Cela Mall, 3rd Floor, El Mahwar El Markazi, Mahatet El Najda, 6th October
    Giza, Egypt

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